Refutation of Lamar Tucker's False Claim
of sole ownership of the English Gematria formula base on the Alpha/Numeric formula in increments of 6

The following is to refute the false claims of Mr. Homer Lamar Tucker who says that he has exclusive rights to the English Gematria developed by the late Dr. Jerry R. Church of Prophecy in the News.  Mr. Tucker claims to have copyrighted the 6 based Gematria of the English alphabet (ie. A=6, B=12, C=18, et. al.) under the name, "Back to Omga - Hidden Manna" on November 24, 2003.

In my library I have a book by Dr. Jack Van Impe entitled, Revelation Revealed Verse by Verse.  My copy is copyrighted 1982. On pages 153 & 154 Van Impe credits the late J. R. Church with inventing the English Gematria system.  Van Impe writes:

"The Rev. Jerry R. Church, founder and director of the 'Prophecy in the News' ministry in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, has spent many hours researching the development of the number '666' as it relates to modern society. He says that the word 'count' in Revelation 13:18 comes from the Greek word meaning 'to compute.' Thus, the verse literally states: '... Let him that hath understanding compute the number of the beast ...'  In order to compute a number from a name, one must devise a system of ascribing numerical values to the letters of the alphabet. ... Rev. Church used a gematria formed by adding the number '6' to each letter of the alphabet. Thus, A=6, B=12, C=18, D=24, E=30. F=36, etc. He then proceeded to compute the numerical values of various words associated with Scripture. For example ... [these] values were found for the following: LUCIFER (444) + HELL (222) = 666; LUCIFER + HADES = 666; DEVIL + SHEOL= 666; DEVIL + DRAGON = 666; MARK + OF + BEAST = 666; PEOPLE + SIN = 666." (Revelation Revealed Verse by Verse, Jack Van Impe [1982] pp. 153, 154; Bold emphasis mine)   

I have another book that I wrote on the Revelation of Jesus Christ and taught to Air Force personnel stationed at Comiso Air Station, Sicily in late 1985 and early 1986.  My book is entitled, A Verse by Verse Study of The Revelation of Jesus Christ (1986).  I was, therefore, using this English Gematria system 17 years before Tucker's copyright. 

Then there is a 1989 book by Dr. J. R. Church himself entitled "Guardians of the Grail" with the entire English Gematria system that he invented list on page 240.

Here is more evidence from the Internet that predates Tucker's false claim to Dr. Church's English Gematria:

* "Properties of the number 666" from Riding The Beast date December 19, 1998.

* "The Number 666" from Philologos Bible Prophecy Research dated June 28, 1999.

* Articles by Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz, M D:
1. "Bible Code Discovery Proves 'Beast' Identity and Global Conspiracy" dated July 5, 2001.
2. "Wildfires Likely Linked to Energy Industry Plot Reports Esteemed Health Scientist" dated August 22, 2001.
3. "Attack on America by Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz" September 12, 2001 (Expanded).

4. "Terrorism Prevention and Treatment Starts With Accurate Diagnosis"
5. "Could Our Spies be Agents for Military-Industrial Sabotage, Terrorism, and Even Population Control?"
All 5 of the above articles originally had a 2002 Copyright by Tetrahedron LLC.

* Messages on Yahoo Groups predating Tucker's copyright:
1. Message: #742 :  Michael Vanderpool,  dated July 22, 2001.
2. Message #5406 : John Henry, dated May 8, 2003.

* New Testament Baptist (An old site of mine in Thai) dated January 17, 2003.

* Jack Van Impe Ministries International Newsletter dated July 28, 2003.

* "Holy Base Six Resonance!" on Above Top Secret dated  June through August 2003.

I have been aware of this English Gematria system for more than 30 years and have been using it since 1985, likely long before Mr. Tucker ever even thought of it.

It is fine and dandy for Tucker to copyright his book, but he does not have exclusive right to Dr. Church's English Gematria formula. It is in the public domain. PERIOD!!!

Hopefully these facts will put a halt to Mr. Tucker's slanderous false charges against me and others.

John Henry

Posted: December 10, 2014
Update: June 21, 2015: Info on J. R. Church's book, Guardians of the Grail added.
Update: June 5, 2017: Updated links to Dr. Horowitz's website.
Horowitz, a Messianic Jew, also wrote a book that was released in June of 2001 that I believe refers to Dr. Church's English 6 based alpha/numeric gematria system. The title of the book is Death in the Air. I have not read or seen it, but it is my understanding that it refers to Dr. Church's gematria formula.

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